Grey & Gloomy

I woke up this morning and put together this style montage. The tie and shirt looked so pristine, it was like a diamond, with the monochrome shades of grey (watch out Christian) shinning in the light. I went to my room and put it on, deciding I would wear it for the day. I soon realized how cold it was outside and that I would need some layers to keep me warm, hurrah! More layers to be picked out!

Grey-&-Gloomy-4 Grey-&-Gloomy-2 grey-&-Gloomy-1 Grey-&-Gloomy-6 I opted for a navy low cut waistcoat from the marvelous William Hunt on Savile Row. Pairing this with my Tom Ford scarf and topping the whole look off with a Burberry trench coat. I love check cloths making the scarf and tie combo a big hit for me. Usually I will wear my trench with the collar up, however today I have ironed it out and put it down to substitute a blazer. From top to bottom:

  • Burberry Trenchcoat
  • Tom Ford check scarf
  • William Hunt shirt with tie bar
  • Tom Ford tie
  • William Hunt navy waistcoat
  • Louis Vuitton belt
  • Versace black jeans
  • Russell & Bromley black horse bit slippers
Grey & Gloomy

Style Montage #2

Grey & Gloomy

Deakin & Francis Sabre-Tooth Cufflinks

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